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Welcome to a Women's House!

Here, women have pride of place!

Located in the heart of the village, 100 meters from Les Anis de Flavigny, La Maison George is an old building that has been completely renovated, offering 8 lodgings for 2 to 5 people. A nod to George Sand, the epicurean who flouted convention and challenged the mores of her time! We love this character so much for her daring and intrepid personality that we've named the Maison after her. In the eight lodgings, illustrator Szabolcs Kariko has portrayed eight women who left their mark on French history, each distinguished in a different universe.

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Logis Jeanne

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Logis Edith

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Logis Colette

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Logis George

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Logis Olympe

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Logis Marie

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Logis Joséphine

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Logis Camille

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Logis Régine

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